Where Does Your Organization Need Support?

  • Creating a Coaching/Mentoring Culture
  • Transforming Talented, but Reactive or Abrasive Leaders
  • Developing Leaders who lack a Curiosity Mindset
  • Upleveling Under-Communicating/Under-Performing Teams
  • Shifting a Culture that operates in Fear or Communicates Inauthentically
  • Reversing Leaders or Teams who Silo instead of Collaborate
  • Suffering from Lack of Creativity and Free-flowing Contribution
  • Addressing Authoritarian or Directed Leader styles
  • Course-correcting Ineffective Conflict Resolution
  • Diminishing Employee Disengagement or Turnover
  • Eliminating A lack of Heart-Centered Leaders
  • Increasing "Bench Strength" (Succession Planning)
  • Upleveling Results for Small Business Owners

What We Do

Here’s how we support you to elevate your team’s performance:

Our Clients

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United Capital
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What leaders are saying about Canyon Bridge Consulting:

  • With the demands of leading a rapidly growing company, I got clear that my leadership needed to grow, as well. I did some research and engaged Ken Diller of Canyon Bridge Consulting. In the first phone call, I could feel and see how he could help me. We ended up working together for a number of years. Not only did Ken help me evolve and achieve success, but I also engaged him to work with my full team of senior executives. I saw the positive impact he was having on their individual performance, and the impact he was having on improving the company.

    Ken was a key partner to me, my employees, and the company. He identified the source of our leadership and communication challenges, and facilitated shifts in how we operated as a leader-team. Without his help, I never would have been as successful as I was. I highly recommend Ken and Canyon Bridge Consulting to help uncover the most successful path and effectively navigate leadership challenges in your organization.

    Jeff M - CEO

  • Tali has been a tremendously valuable resource to me while coaching together. She has helped me clearly identify and meet visionary goals and objectives which I never imagined were possible. Her support gave me the confidence and tools to be a more effective leader, but more importantly, I also learned to do a better job managing work-family-health balance. My board of directors never questioned the value of the investment as the ROI was quite clear. After working with Tali, our revenues increased and the investment more than paid for itself within a very short period of time. I strongly recommend Tali without hesitation to anyone seeking to achieve a new level of success.

    Lani L. - Owner

  • Ken was highly recommended by our sister company and we have had significant results with his work. Ken has brought himself, and trusted colleagues in one instance, to the process in a professional and impactful way. We have primarily been a remote client and the coaching experience is reported by our leaders as productive and any concerns of remote access have disappeared. Ken uses pragmatic tools and his simple approach which is anchored in feedback, authentic reflection and action plans. Thank you Ken, we appreciate the difference you make.

    Jim K. - EVP HR

  • Working with Kathy I was able to get elevation and clarity around my leadership gaps and she did so with heart and momentum. Because of my work with Kathy I was able to implement a multitude of professional projects and create a deeper level of connection with myself, my family and with my staff. My leadership had expanded tremendously and because of her coaching. I strengthened my management skills, enhanced collaboration with executive partners and built an executive coaching and leadership training business that is solid and gets results that benefit my clients and their organizations. 

    Sophia C. - Senior Manager

  • I have had the unique opportunity to work with Ken in multiple capacities. Ken provides an external viewpoint and perspective based on his many years as a Senior Executive, as well as his extensive coaching experience gained by coaching individuals working in varying industries. I highly recommend Ken. He is an exceptional coach whether working with an Executive one-on-one or a team. I have complete trust and admiration for Ken. He operates with great integrity, is supportive and is willing to challenge when it moves the client to greater learning and growth.

    Jennifer S. - Director, Leadership Development

Ken Diller

Meet The Team

As a professional development and Executive coach, Ken is hired by organizations to support their key talent in leadership development, and co-create performance shifts with leaders who have become overwhelmed or are not maximizing their potential. He uses facilitative coaching, and a deep "tool chest" of exercises designed to provide a roadmap to achieving goals, and operate in their unique genius more consistently and reliably. When combined with Ken's ontological approach, clients generate new levels of awareness and see their own blind-spots, create winning behavior shifts, and fill in the gaps in their leadership skills.