Success Stories

I highly recommend working with Canyon Bridge Consulting. It’s an investment that will pay off many times over.

Bill H., Ph.D
Global Head of Talent

I brought Ken into work with one of my executives that I was sure I was going to have to terminate. I shared that with the executive that Ken was to help him in a transition to success here or find a new career elsewhere. Ken helped him to find the strategies to be successful here and based on that result, Ken is now working with each of our leaders. I am also using Ken to help make a cultural transformation with in our leadership team with solid results.

Jim T., CEO

Following the launch, growth, and acquisition of a consulting business, I was hoping to make a career transition in keeping with a longtime personal goal. By engaging in coaching, I was able to craft a long-term plan that helped me clearly define my personal goals, taking into account my skills, interests, and personal style.

By working with Lisa, I was able to quickly work through current and specific challenges that cropped up from week to week while retaining a focus on my end goals. Lisa provided very personal insights and guidance that helped me find the best way for me to manage workplace conflict, stress, and identify my desired mix of personal and career goals. The outcome for me was ideal – I was actually able to achieve my desired transition within my targeted timeline, with the support of those around me.

Allison T., Co-Founder

I worked with Ken as my coach earlier this year. It was an incredible journey. He truly partnered with me as I navigated my career and personal goals. My work with him provided me with greater clarity and direction. Our work was instrumental in identifying areas where my communications with others could be more powerful and ultimately effective, both at work and at home. We created several specific project plans around my goals, and I was able to make desired shifts in all of these areas.

Ken brings a balance of corporate knowledge and experience, as well as the gift of humanity. He was always striving to understand where I was coming from and to shine a light on those areas or actions that were keeping me from moving forward. I always felt very supported, challenged and motivated by my work with Ken. It is my pleasure to recommend Ken and the quality and benefit of the work he does.

Carollyn R., Manager

The benefits from coaching with Lisa have been tremendous for me. Especially significant is the feeling I now have of being more empowered with my work and career as well as a clear vision of where it is going. This new perspective has led to stronger working relationships, obtaining new clients and has brought a new vantage point for me while working with existing clients. This work with Lisa has ultimately led me to a place of having greater confidence with my work and abilities. Lisa understands the challenges, opportunities and has great advice and insight into the industry and type of work I do.

Emily P., Director

Ken has a unique and skilled understanding of human nature and methodology to help one recognize the barriers that are preventing someone from reaching beyond their potential and achieving their genius. I've had the privilege of working with and for Ken. His ability to communicate and coach without judgment and his attention to detail along with a passion to serve others is admirable. He's a man of integrity and I highly recommend him.

David S., TBK

I have been working with Kathy since I was assigned Acting Department Head of Clinical Studies. The main focus of our work together has been for me to gain self-confidence, step into my power and own the executive role. Kathy has supported me to peel back the layers of fears and doubts about myself that get in the way of showing up as a leader. It is as though she stands firmly on the other side of the barriers I put up for myself and invites me to see what is possible there. Kathy’s powerful no-nonsense coaching has guided me to the springboard of the next level in my career.

Katerina M., Director of Clinical Studies

I have had the great fortune of working with Ken as my personal coach over the past few months as I have sought to improve a number of professional and personal opportunity areas. His client-centered approach has enabled me in a short period of time to build tremendous confidence in my own abilities. Additionally, our work together has resulted in meaningful and impactful progress against personal goals I have set. I am truly amazed by the gains I have made in a relatively short timeframe. This would not have been possible without the absolutely unique and brilliant way that Ken helps his clients realize for themselves that change is attainable.

Brent N., Senior Director

Working with Kathy I was able to get elevation and clarity around my leadership gaps and she did so with heart and momentum. Because of my work with Kathy I was able to implement a multitude of professional projects and create a deeper level of connection with myself, my family and with my staff. My leadership had expanded tremendously and because of her coaching. I strengthened my management skills, enhanced collaboration with executive partners and built an executive coaching and leadership training business that is solid and gets results that benefit my clients and their organizations.

Sophia C., Senior Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with Ken this year. Ken is a patient and persistent person who works to bring out the best in the people he is working with. His focus is on the issues that are driving he results, not the symptoms. While the symptoms are explored, the intent is always to get to the root cause and explore the opportunity to seek a better result. I would highly recommend anyone interested in achieving greater results and improved career satisfaction to consider working with Ken. The time I have spent working with Ken has been the most productive of my career.

Ralph B., EVP

Tali has been a tremendously valuable resource to me while coaching together. She has helped me clearly identify and meet visionary goals and objectives which I never imagined were possible. Her support gave me the confidence and tools to be a more effective leader, but more importantly, I also learned to do a better job managing work-family-health balance. My board of directors never questioned the value of the investment as the ROI was quite clear. After working with Tali, our revenues increased and the investment more than paid for itself within a very short period of time. I strongly recommend Tali without hesitation to anyone seeking to achieve a new level of success.

Lani L., Owner

I have trouble measuring or thinking of data on which to evaluate the shift in my approach to my company and my fellow associates here, but I can say with absolute certainty that the coaching sessions I had with Ken drastically changed my career path, and much more importantly, the satisfaction I have with my job here. Prior to working with Ken, I wasn’t sure that I even was in the right spot or the right company any longer and perhaps a change was in order after 20 years. Of course, in hindsight, it is obvious that the change in me was all that was needed, and Ken facilitated that change in ways that I never dreamed were possible at the onset. My outlook on our company, my role here, and my interactions with others are pretty much the opposite of what they were when we began 6 months ago. I respond positively and focus on team results, and in my leadership have become much more collaborative and open. Our operating division has just finished its best ever 6-month financial performance in the history of the company in terms of overall profit dollars, profit margin, and employee retention and job satisfaction. Yep, I’d say things are going well. I am a more confident, capable, engaged, and caring leader than at any point in my career. Most of all, I’m having more fun at work with both customers and associates alike. Ken has awakened the real me inside and has encouraged its full release in the workplace. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Steve G., EVP

Tali Thomas is a remarkable coach, encourager and teacher. I came to Tali because I felt I was stuck, and I didn’t know how to get to that next level in my life and my career. Though patience, encouragement, acceptance and love from one person to another, Tali has guided me through some difficult circumstances and has somehow always allowed me to find the path, the thought, the breakthrough rather than shoving me through it herself. While at times frustrating, that allowed me to own the advance and fully understand and appreciate the progress that was made. Time after time she has demonstrated how genuine and caring a person she is, creating a safe and positive environment for me to be fully honest, open and vulnerable, an environment where true progress could occur.

I will always be indebted to and thankful for Tali and have become one of her biggest fans. You cannot go wrong with trusting Tali as your coach!

Jeff S., SVP

Ken was hired to coach our executive management team. With such great results, our company decided to use his services for all of the middle level managers. I was skeptical at first (because I didn’t think I needed any coaching), but it didn’t take very long for me to realize the impact Ken was making not just on me but on our entire organization. I’m grateful for our time together because Ken taught me so much about myself that has impacted my life both professionally and personally. I highly recommend him.

Suzann F. Manager