Our Team

Ken Diller, P.C.C.

Prior to graduating from one of the top coach training programs in the industry (Accomplishment Coaching) and earning his ICF credential, Ken spent 18 years in the Sports Industry. As a member of the Executive team and Vice President of Sales in the Benetton Sports System (who previously owned Prince Tennis, Rollerblade, and Nordic Ski), Ken has consistently been recognized and rewarded for his expertise in both the sales and service process, and in all aspects of leading and managing a sales force.

As a professional development and Executive coach, Ken is hired by organizations to support their key talent in leadership development, and co-create performance shifts with leaders who have become overwhelmed or are not maximizing their potential. He uses facilitative coaching, and a deep "tool chest" of exercises designed to provide a roadmap to achieving goals, and operate in their unique genius more consistently and reliably. When combined with Ken's ontological approach, clients generate new levels of awareness and see their own blind-spots, create winning behavior shifts, and fill in the gaps in their leadership skills.

Ken's extensive experience partnering with his former senior management team, and coaching executives in leading companies, gives him a keen perspective about the challenges and opportunities facing leaders in organizations. Among Ken's clients are leaders from Google, Subaru North America, Electronic Arts, Qualcomm, Henkel, Discount Tire, and American Specialty Health. With his successful leadership background and highly-accredited training, Ken has a proven track record of generating successful coaching results with his clients.

Lisa Carpenter, MBA

Lisa empowers and supports her clients in establishing clarity around what they want to create and identifying specific actions that will produce the desired results. She places an emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability with her clients, using a combination of facilitative and ontological coaching tools. She is both direct and compassionate while supporting her clients in their commitments and their transformation.

Prior to becoming a coach, Lisa's professional experience included nearly 20 years in the engineering industry managing and supporting the identification and planning of infrastructure development projects for one of the nation's leading engineering firms.

In addition to her extensive project management experience, Lisa's is also a certified mediator and facilitator. She has exceptional interpersonal skills, and an ability to coach clients of very diverse backgrounds and styles to accomplish their goals.

Tali A. Thomas, PCC

Tali is an extraordinary coach, trainer and leader. She is a Professional Certified Coach and a graduate of the ICF-accredited Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program. As a coach, Tali has worked with clients within multiple industries including healthcare, engineering, technology, commercial real estate, government and non-profit. Before becoming a professional coach Tali was part of a team that founded a successful international publishing company with divisions in the U.S., Canada and Australia. In just two short years, the company grew to a customer base of over thousands of retailers worldwide, including Wal-Mart, Ritz Camera, Babies R Us, Michaels and Target.

Tali holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Accounting from the University of Arizona. In addition, she holds a leadership role within Accomplishment Coaching to train and lead groups of individuals learning to become Ontological coaches. Tali understands clearly that real growth for business owners, executives and organizations is based on the fine blend of human beings continuing to reinvent themselves and the continuous generation of business and revenue.

Kathy Fleming, MA, MCC

Kathy Fleming, Master Certified Coach, is an extraordinary coach, trainer, and leader. A former college instructor, Kathy holds master’s degrees in Humanities and Applied Behavioral Science. In addition, she is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her credentials allow her to co-create depth and breadth of results with her clients, whether they are C Suite executives or leaders at any level. Her experience as Marketing Manager with AT&T gives her the wisdom to work powerfully within large organizations and one on one with clients focused on their next big breakthrough.

A Senior Leader in Accomplishment Coaching for over ten years, Kathy has trained hundreds of coaches and leaders, each one envisioning and producing powerful results. She is masterful at creating enrollment and has developed countless powerful and energized teams through her leadership.

Some of the clients she has worked with include Techtronics, AT&T, Alcoa Aluminum, Illinois Power, United Capital, BIOTRONIK, Inc., Northwest Public Power Association, University of San Diego Women in Higher Education, Off the Grid, Ralph Lauren, Care Fusion and Nike.


I will always be indebted to and thankful for Tali and have become one of her biggest fans. You cannot go wrong with trusting Tali as your coach!

- Jeff S., SVP

I’m grateful for our time together because Ken taught me so much about myself that has impacted my life both professionally and personally. I highly recommend him.

- Suzann F. Manager