More “Self-Centered” Leadership, Please!

  If your leadership responsibilities include managing employees or being a parent, chances are you’re especially vulnerable to stress.  Your responsibilities, to-do-lists, and what’s at stake are often overwhelming.  Ask most about their priorities, and they will likely say, “I always put my family first”.  After all, it’s a virtue to put family, the company, […]

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Leadership Lessons from Cosmo

I met him while volunteering at the county animal shelter back in 2008. The shelter staff had named him Sioux, which is one of those rugged, masculine names that is much cooler written than spoken.  While there were many dogs I would walk those days I volunteered, he made a big impression on me. He had already […]

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The Bridge of my Reinvention

It was my 19th year of corporate life.  Almost two decades filled with new challenges, opportunities, and successes.  Then, in the Spring of 2008, I was “invited” to leave my VP position due to a corporate restructure.  Devastated? Not exactly… The truth is – what a conflicting experience this was!  Part of me, the ego, […]

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