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Ken Diller, A.C.C., P.C.C.

Prior to graduating from one of the top coach training programs in the industry (Accomplishment Coaching) and earning his ICF credential, Ken spent 18 years in the Sports Industry. As a member of the Executive team and Vice President of Sales in the Benetton Sports System (who previously owned Prince Tennis, Rollerblade, and Nordic Ski), Ken has consistently been recognized and rewarded for his expertise in both the sales and service process, and in all aspects of leading and managing a sales force.

As a professional development and Executive coach, Ken is hired by organizations to support their key talent in leadership development, and co-create performance shifts with leaders who have become overwhelmed or are not maximizing their potential. He uses facilitative coaching, and a deep "tool chest" of exercises designed to provide a roadmap to achieving goals, and operate in their unique genius more consistently and reliably. When combined with Ken's ontological approach, clients generate new levels of awareness and see their own blind-spots, create winning behavior shifts, and fill in the gaps in their leadership skills.

Ken's extensive experience partnering with his former senior management team, and coaching executives in leading companies, gives him a keen perspective about the challenges and opportunities facing leaders in organizations. Among Ken's clients are leaders from Google, Subaru North America, Electronic Arts, Qualcomm, Henkel, Discount Tire, and American Specialty Health. With his successful leadership background and highly-accredited training, Ken has a proven track record of generating successful coaching results with his clients.