Team Leadership Development & Coaching

Target Audience: Teams of eight and smaller

Expected Outcomes: Increased team cohesiveness; surfacing of difficult, but imperative conversations; elevated authentic, transparent communication; resolving of personality and work-style differences

One of the most common trust and communication derailers among a leader-team is inauthentic conversations. Canyon Bridge Consulting coaches are passionate about bringing hidden and undermining, but ever-present, issues to the table, and expertly addressing them in a safe and partner-centric way to elevate the team’s emotional intelligence.

Whether the challenges exist among peers, direct report/supervisor, or entire leader-teams, Canyon Bridge Consulting utilizes their experience and expertise to create more effective, engaged leaders, team cohesion, and add velocity to developmental momentum. They facilitate dynamic group sessions that allow participants to powerfully integrate new awareness, tools, and structured accountability, resulting in greater: communication, authenticity, teamwork, and productivity.

Authenticity is the key to highly effective teams. When teams are free to express without fear of reprisal, creativity and problem-solving excellence emerges

– Ken Diller